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The Australian Qualifications Framework

WCIMT operates in the vocational educational sector of the Australian education system – meaning (broadly) that qualifications are linked directly to professional competency standards in occupations and industries. The formal ‘Australian Qualifications Framework’ involves a progression of qualifications with determined equivalencies as follows:

Australian Qualification Framework Equivalent University Accredited Courses
Certificate (IV) and Diploma (AQF5) First year of University degree (AQF5/6)
Bachelors Degree (AQF6) Completion of first degree (AQF6)
Graduate Certificate (AQF7) Graduate Certificate (AQF7)
Graduate Diploma (AQF7/8) Graduate Diploma and Masters (AQF7/8)
  Doctoral Awards

The above is the formal Australian Qualifications Framework. However individual Universities may set their own credit and exemption levels and the AQF should only be used as an approximate guide to likely credit arrangements for completion of WCIMT courses. Specific credit arrangements have been reached for many WCIMT courses with quality Australian universities – please contact us for details.

English Language Proficiency

All courses other than ELICOS require TOEFL of approximately 5.5. ELICOS requires no minimum English standard but course duration varies according to proficiency.

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