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Credits and Recognition of Prior Learning

WCIMT does not require you to duplicate studies you have already completed and will provide appropriate standard credits and exemptions against Modules in the above courses without charge, thus reducing the duration of your course. Standard credits and exemptions may be available where your previous studies closely match the above courses and you can provide clear, simple and verifiable information to this effect.

You may seek broad indications of your credit or exemption entitlement prior to applying for the course of your choice. However the detailed analysis required to finalise your exact Credits or Exemptions requires you to apply formally for the course and payment of the Student Application Fee which is non refundable. Email us on for further information without obligation.

WCIMT also applies a policy of ‘Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)’ consistent with the Australian National Training Framework. RPL may apply where WCIMT has to initiate a formal, exhaustive and more complex process to determine the level of credit based on previous studies, work and other experience where the evidence of attainment is less clear. There is a charge for RPL, usually equal to the cost of completing the Module, and there is considerable work involved in preparing your case, but the course duration may be decreased. We can provide you with further general information about the RPL entitlement, with no obligation, if you Email us on

NOTE: Regardless of your formal Credit, Exemption or RPL entitlement WCIMT may require you to study certain Modules that appear to be duplicates – this may be because of  linguistic, legal or other requirements attached to the Australian courses.

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